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The Ultimate battle is about to begin! And it involves you!

Story: Mojo is working with Arcade has created a new tv show. Taking inspiration from the hunger games and many video games. Together they kidnap 8 hero’s, 9 villains and you!


1. Captain America

2. Batman

3. Elektra

4. Green Arrow

5. Black Panther (non vibranium suit)

6. Catwoman

7. Huntress

8. Mockingbird

9. You: ( you have one power. The choice between

1. Invisibility while you hold your breath.

2. Force field that lasts for 10 seconds and must recharge for 1 hour.

3. Intangibility for 10 seconds but then you sleep for 30 min.

4. Danger sense but it goes off for the little things too (example your danger sense goes off but it turns out you just get a splinter 20 seconds later).

This powers are only defensive you will not be fighting what so ever. The hero’s will be protecting you.

The Villians

1. Deathstroke

2. Kraven

3. Taskmaster

4. Lady Shiva

5. Bullseye

6. Cheshire

7. Talia al Ghul

8. Baron Zemo

9. Viper

The battle will take place on a combination of different video game open world maps ( not combined but connected) the maps will be

1. Skyrim

2. Batman Arkham city

3. Breath of the wild

4. GTA 5

5. Minecraft

6. Dead Island 1

7. Fat cry primal

All npc and threats from these maps will be around so both parties must beware. The maps will be connected with Skyrim on far left Minecraft in the middle. Primal on the right. Arkham city and dead island on top and breath and gta on bottom of this Pangea mess.( I hope this makes sense)

Hero’s and you will be starting in Skyrim on the wagon like usual. Villians will be starting in primal from the beginning as well. (You don’t have to play the video game you are just surviving across the maps but if you want certain gear that requires a quest you will need to complete that quest)

The Villians have 1 year to find and kill you.

But they will kill all hero’s in their way.

The hero’s will protect you at all costs but they will not kill any Villians for the first 4 months.

No character has any of their gear and in fact you all start off naked. They (and you) must gather gear and clothes from the maps they travel on. Everyone will be subsceptible ( that’s a word right?) to weather conditions, hunger, sleep etc. All days will have a regular 24 hour schedule. 12 hour day and 12 hour night.

So begin and try and avoid a GAME OVER.