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The fight takes place in Outer Space. No prep. Atrocitus is blood-lusted. Prime is not. Win via Death. Who wins?

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prime murder stomps

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yeah Prime stomps

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Loyalty vote for Atros.

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Prime murders him.

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-_- .............

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Prime takes Atrocitus's hand and slaps him repeatedly while chanting the phrase "Why are you hitting yourself?" repeatedly.

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As much as I love Atrocitus, he has no chance here.

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Hi Kratos hater.

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Even Gardner took down Atrocitus

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@theorder14: One of the stupidest things written in the New 52. Yes Prime takes this handily.

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Flagged for mismatch...

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SBP would stomp him in a fight but Atrocitus could convert him to the Red Lanterns where he would be under his control

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