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Can the clone of Superman also beat Darkseids son?

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With ease.

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zee crusher said:

With ease.


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Not with ease as Kalibak is immensely powerful and capable of engaging Orion in battle.

Superboy's tactile TK does not provide strength or protection at anywhere near the level of Superman and blows from Kalibak (especially from his usually carried virtually indestructible beta club) have stunned and hurt even the Man of Steel before.
Superboy is also no where near as fast as Superman (flight or reaction speed) and his heat vision is nowhere near as potent.
He also lacks the super endurance of Superman and can rapidly tire out when using his powers at very high levels (as he cannot process sunlight as efficiently as Superman).

Kalibak has sufficient endurance to fight Orion for days on end and takes only slight damage from Orion's blows.
As mentioned, he usually fights with his beta club that can project devastating force bolts or an energy beam that causes intense pain.

As Superboy's TK shield is not so effective against energy attacks, this could play to Kalibak's advantage.