Super Saiyan Blue Vegito runs a gauntlet!

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  • Random encounter
  • Morals off
  • No battlefield removal
  • Win by death, knockout, or incapacitating the foe(s)


  1. Aizen, Yyhwach, Kaguya, and Madara
  2. Naruto, Sasuke, Ichigo, Melodias, Natsu, and Luffy
  3. 4 Kings (Toriko)
  4. 8 Kings (Toriko)
  5. Midora
  6. Super Saiyan 4 Goku, Super Saiayn 4 Vegeta, and Omega Shenron
  7. Trunk's infused with the Spirit Bomb
  8. Super Saiayn 4 Gogeta
  9. Champa
  10. Beerus
  11. Super Galaxy Gurren Lagann


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-Planet is indestructible.

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Stops at 7

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stop at 11

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Without prep I don't see how he gets past the 8 kings and Midora. The hax is too much.

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That order though, stops at Champa.

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SSJ4 Gogeta should be below champa..

Vegito stops at 7-8

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In the order you posted, if he doesn't stop at 6, he definitely stops at 7.

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Gauntlet is out of order.

Should stop somewhere around Beerus.

If it was in order then Beerus would be the last one.

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stops at 7

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Gautlet out of Order

Gogeta should be under Champa and Trunks should be over Gogeta

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Gauntlet out of order.

Super Galaxy Gurren Lagann should be below champa and beerus to.

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Clears but loses to beerus

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Out of order

He clears 1-6 and 9-10 maybe Super Galaxy Gurren Lagann

Stops at Champa or Beerus who should be highest on the gauntlet

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Haven't seen a gauntlet this badly out of order in a while. Stops at Beerus or Champa.

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what a shitty order

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out of order

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Terrible order and stops at 7.

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Potentially could stop at 4, there's a lot of hax that if it goes off Vegito is going to have a bad time. Though he is blood-lusted, so he might go for the nuke right off the bat.

Probably stops at 6 or 7

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I think 8 and 9 should be switched around. Beerus should still be more powerful than any non fused character outside of Zeno, High Priest, Vados and Whis.

But Vegito could stop at 11. He is universe level and could likely last longer than the SSJ4 fusion which is only 10 minutes. While I think the SSGSSJ Fusion was like 15 or 30 minutes. Either way I have SSJ4 Gogeta at Galaxy level and SSGSSJ Vegito at Universe level

Gurren stomps he's universe+ level and absorbed something as powerful as the Big Bang.

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Beats everyone except Beerus and Gurren Lagann

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Some part of me doesn't really care about the order. Especially since there are a bunch of different opinions in this thread. Some people don't even think that he can make it past 4. Others think he stops at 6. Some think he can beat Champa. Don't really see the reason to complain about the order, if you aren't actually going to give constructive criticism outside of "Wow. Shitty order. Herp. Derp."

Regardless, I changed the gauntlet up anyway so people would stop complaining.

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stops at 9

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clears except beerus

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Stops at 9 and gets beaten by a fat cat

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Loses at 9.