Sunny (Into The Badlands) vs Batman (Arkham Trilogy)

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Batman from the Arkham Games vs Sunny from Into The Badlands

  • Batman's gear is limited to his suit
  • Sunny has Nathaniel Moon's sword
  • In character
  • Basic knowledge
  • All canon feats



To The Death!!!

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Batman. He deals with guys like this every other week figting the League of Assassins

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Batman, faster (can dodge automatic fire from assault rifles), much stronger (he pulled Croc, who weighs in at over 850 Ibs at the end of first boss fight in Arkham Origins and breaks free from Solomon Grundy's grip), and more experienced.

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Batman. He's gone through tougher guys than Sunny in every game.

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Sunny. Sunny just got his gift back and it gives him healing properties and he is a much better fighter - Beyond Ra's al Ghul.