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Thor believes that the opponent has killed all the Asgardians and Loki in the name of Thanos.

He is looking for vengeance and has Strormbreaker.

He is bloodlusted with full knowledge and prep while the opponent is in character with no knowledge.

Location is Titan.

Who is the strongest that Thor can kill in this situation?

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Anyone in dceu/mcu excluding Dormammu

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Thanos with IG

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anyone who has a physical body

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@miekskywalker: isn’t the living tribunal in the mcu since baron Mordor said that he had his staff

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Anyone in MCU with a headshot with exception of Dormammu.

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Anyone in dceu/mcu excluding Dormammu

Basically this. Except Strange bfr's him to the mirror dimension or Thanos snaps his fingers.

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@imsososorry: That’s true but we haven’t seen him yet who knows how powerful he will be

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Category 5 kaiju,Superman DCEU(if tags),Ares

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Probably DCEU Doomsday.

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He can kill a lot more characters than he can beat in an actual fight.