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This is a 3v3v3 Team battle, win by KO or kill with three rounds. Battle takes place in a football sized danger room that none of the participants have been to before to keep it neutral. Please specify which team wins which round and why. Standard Equipment, no BFR. Round 1: 1v1v1 Single elimination, each team picks one combatant to compete in a best of three series.Rounds immediatly Round 2: 2v2v2 Each team places two participants into the match to start. The third is release when one or more of their teammates is KOed or Killed. Round 3: 3v3v3 All members released for a battle royal to see who comes out on top. Team 1 : Strength Luke Cage / Hercules / Rhino Team 2 : Claws X-23 / Wolverine / Draken Team 3 : Swords Dead Pool / Taskmaster / Death Stroke Each team starts equal distance from each other. Members of the team not currently participating may use time for prep, otherwise there is none. Please Explain Your Choices, feel free to chose who fights when and why. GO!