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Poll: Stormbreaker Thor vs Ebony Maw (28 votes)

THOR 89%
MAW 11%
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#1 Posted by cromulor (2377 posts) - - Show Bio

Thor. If the Space Stone couldn’t stop Stormbreaker, I doubt Ebony Maw can.

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#2 Posted by Richubs (4814 posts) - - Show Bio

Ebony gets one shotted by the Stormbreaker or lightning.

He doesn't really have any means to actually hurt Thor either.

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Space Stone unquantifiable beam is better space manipulation than whatever Maw did. Thor already has TK over it, and lightning cloak will prevent Maw from TK shenanigans.

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#4 Posted by GeorgeWBush (12183 posts) - - Show Bio

Maw throws a brick at him

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What's with all your mismatch threads

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#6 Posted by uugieboogie (13234 posts) - - Show Bio

Even without stormbreaker Thor can one shot whenever he wants.

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#7 Posted by Oreoghoul (1757 posts) - - Show Bio

Thor beats the whole Black Order

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#8 Posted by jayc1324 (26431 posts) - - Show Bio

Thor stomps even if he fights naked. One lightning blast is all it takes.

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#9 Posted by Mister_Surreal (11047 posts) - - Show Bio

Thor one shots Maw with his lightning.

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@cromulor: Thanos never used the space stone's power to try and stop Stormbreaker. Thanos clearly was caught off guard and resorted to a simple reflex beam attack, unsuspecting of what he was really dealing with. He didn't even see the axe, and this is confirmed by the Russos themselves. Smh you would think this would be common knowledge by now. They also said Thor can't replicate it again and that Thanos could literally turn Stormbreaker into bubbles if he wanted. But I do agree Maw dies in a stomp

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Maw uses bfr, until Thor gives up.

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Lol this guy keeps making mismatch threads

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What's with all your mismatch threads