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I know this sounds like a curbstomp but trust me this is not as black and white as it seems.

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Who would Win.

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Anyone else?

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Stitch stomps.


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Stich solos the verse.

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Stitch ragdolls each and every one of them.

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The blood really isn't a problem when Stitch can pick up a huge rock or a car or something and smash the Xenomorph like a bug. He could also grab it by the tail and throw it over the horizon.

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Stitch and its not close

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Stitch outstats the Xenomorph heavily, he stomps.

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Everyone says Stitch stomps so I will put up an argument. SCIENCE TIME.

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xenomorph's acid would be the strongest acid in the world (actually it is pretty inconstant but a cut from a face huger melted through three layers of the nostromo). So that would be a hassle because a rock would melt in the acid and lifting a xeno is not easy like common belief because of how sharp his tail is. Think of how sharp the chains are in hellrazor. now think of the xeno's tail. Xeno's tail > slasher tools so a cut hurts. and finally the mouth. A xeno's mouth applies 3 maybe 4 g's of force.

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@jeffnmemes: stitch can survive hot lava and hold plasma energy balls in his hands that would barely scortch him. Jumba made stitch virtually indestructible. Plus stitch can lift 3000 times his own weight.can think faster than a supercomputer and has highly enhance senses that can put above superman. The xenomorph aint winning a fight with stitch.

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Stitch stomps

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Feats for Stitch?

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@payneintheass: He's a little fluffy brick physically on par with DCAU Superman from what I know and probably higher durability. The Xenomorph is like a bug to him and I doubt the acid will hurt him. He has super senses as well so the Xenomorph can't sneak up on him.

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Stitch smashes its head in.