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Legends debating in 2021

As many of you may be aware, Star Wars "Legends" debating had operated under adopting the LFL system whereby canon was separated into a hierarchy. At the top of this hierarchy, was G canon - whereby Lucas quotes could override arguments due to having supremacy. This was an internal referencing system which for some reason was adopted as a debate system.

In 2014, all pre "split" content was branded as "Legends", making all sources equally valid. For the most part, people were unaware of this and the G canon system was still used as people believed it was compulsory. However, Leland Chee (the person who was in charge of the system) recently revealed the old hierchial system was thrown out even before 2014:

I'll summarise the new tweets from Leland Chee.

  1. Disney acquired Lucasfilm in 2012
  2. Pre disney content wasn't branded as Legends until 2014
  3. That left a 2 year gap of pre canon material. In this period, Chee said they moved away from the G canon system to accommodate other creators. The G canon system was thrown out and no longer in effect. They even had a different internal referencing system as early as 2011

In light of these facts, we strongly suggest people who make Legends Star Wars threads to adopt the new meta. This is an official meta and not a head canon one. If you are making a Legends Star Wars thread, please copy paste this below meta into your OP.


  • Seen as though the pre Disney acquisition LFL hierarchy system (G canon, C canon etc) was phased out as early as 2012 (per Leland Chee), it will not apply here. Therefore, G canon will not have supremacy. Although Lucas is still a filmmaker so his WoG can apply when it pertains to his own films, but not the wider verse
  • In Legends, sources can be weighed equally but given that CV is a feats oriented website, it can be assumed that people will debate on who has the better feats. That said, scaling chains, in universe logic/intent and accolades can still counter balance
  • In case it isn't obvious, content such as lego SW, alternate endings/DLC, crossovers with other universes etc aren't allowed