Star wars 1v1 tournament with no super high level characters

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The fight is to incap or death. In character but believe that each opponent must be defeated by any means necessary.


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Round of 16:

Match 1: General Grevious (ROTS) vs Pong Krell (CW season 4)

Match 2: Rage amped Savage Oppress ( CW season 5) vs Kirak infil'a ( Vader comic)

Match 3: Qui gonn jinn (TPM) vs Luminara Unduli ( CW season 1)

Match 4: Eeth Koth (Vader comic) vs Quinlan Vos ( Dark disciple)

Match 5: Anakin (CW season 4) vs Plo Kloon (ROTS)

Match 6: Darth Maul (SOD) vs Ventress ( Dark disciple)

Match 7: Cin Drallig (ROTS) vs Barris Offee ( CW season 5)

Match 8: Obi Wan (CW season 4) vs Kit fisto (ROTS)

Quarter finals:

QF 1: Winner of match 1 vs Winner of match 2

QF 2: Winner of match 3 vs Winner of match 4

QF 3: Winner of match 5 vs Winner of match 6

QF 4: Winner of match 7 vs Winner of match 8

Semi final:

SF 1: Winner of QF 1 vs Winner of QF 2

SF 2: Winner of QF 3 vs Winner of QF4


Winner of SF 1 vs Winner of SF2

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R1 - Grievous

R2 - Savage - No red shirt from the Vader comic is going to get a win.

R3 - Qui Gon

R4 - Quin

R5 - Anakin

R6 - maul

R7 - Barris

R8 - Obi

Grievous over Savage

Qui Gon over Quin

Anakin over Maul

Obi over Barris

Round 3

Grievous beats Qui Gon

Obi beats Anakin (OWK show proves this)

Round 4

Grievous beats pre ROTS Obi, who has yet to master Soresu.

Grievous wins.