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#101 Posted by The_Hajduk (6184 posts) - - Show Bio

@limitlesssigil: Oh he was definitely holding back. Midway through the fight, Goku gets a look of recognition on his face and starts yelling “Gohan, are you still holding back because you’re afraid of what will happen to the earth? Any damage you cause can be fixed by the dragon balls! You have to use everything you’ve got!”

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#102 Posted by WorldofRuin6 (3099 posts) - - Show Bio

Stops at 4.

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#103 Posted by Helloman (29574 posts) - - Show Bio

He stops at 4.

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#104 Posted by Bossmountain (1059 posts) - - Show Bio

even if Goku was giving Gohan energy for the Kamehameha. And Vegeta was distracting Super perfect cell for a second or two Gohan was still only at half power when he defeated Super perfect Cell a full power Gohan probably would have Stomp.

So he shouldn't have much difficulty with Dabura who is roughly equal to Super perfect cell. Or his teen version of himself who is roughly a little weaker than Dabura.

But he'll probably lose SSJ 2 Vegeta pre-majin since Goku even said that he has surpassed the strength of super perfect cell by a lot.

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#105 Edited by The_Hajduk (6184 posts) - - Show Bio

SSJ2 kid Gohan vs SSJ2 Vegeta can go either way. Everything we know points to them being pretty close. It really depends on who you like more between Gohan and Vegeta.

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#106 Edited by The_Hajduk (6184 posts) - - Show Bio

Unbiased evaluation:

I see Vegeta getting pushed into a corner by Gohan's rage and power. If Gohan is fighting with as much drive as he was against Cell, it will be a repeat of Goku Kaioken x4 Kamehameha vs Galick Gun. Vegeta will be overpowered.

But then Vegeta becomes survivor Vegeta, because the gap in power isn't close to enough that he gets wiped out quickly. We're talking about the Vegeta from the Saiyan arc who survives everything like a cockroach. The Vegeta who dropped dirt in Zarbon's eyes and sneak attacked Guldo. I can't see his grit and experience not winning out against Gohan. Unlike Cell, Vegeta stops playing around at a point, and starts becoming the most quick and efficient killer in the series. He'll fool Gohan somehow and land a critical strike that Gohan can't recover from.

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Bump. Clears 1-2 without much difficulty, should start to lose at 4+ in good fights each time.

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#108 Posted by SkySanji (4582 posts) - - Show Bio