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  • Bloodlust Gogeta
  • Canon Feats only
  • Random Encounter-No Knowledge
  • Wins by Death or K.O.


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as far as i know Vados doesn’t have any feats as far as blowing up a planet.

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Vados curbs.

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Vados, probably with ease.

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I think Vados was stated to be stronger than Whis and it’s not even clear that Gogeta is stronger than Beerus yet so Vados

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@almighty: ssb is most definitely far stronger than Beerus

The novel said that ssb gogeta wasn’t even trying against broly, and that broly couldn’t even follow gogetas movements.

The same broly Goku said was >=Beerus

Gogeta would curb Beerus

Vados would effortlessly lolstomp gogeta. Angels are so far and away stronger than everyone else so far. Vados is confident she can beat whis, and gogeta could never dream of touching whis, let alone vados lol.

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@syntix said:

as far as i know Vados doesn’t have any feats as far as blowing up a planet.

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By scaling Vados murderstomps.

By feats gogeta stomps.

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Vados ragdolls with TK

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Mismatch, Vados stomps.

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Vados>>>>>>>.........>>SSJ Blue Gogeta (UI Gogeta might have a little chance but still I don't think they will win)