Spy & Hitmen Battle Royale

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Sam Fisher, Kiritsugu Emiya, MCU Bucky Barnes, John Wick

Everyone gets their canon feats and their best gear. Nothing exceptionally large like rocket launchers or missle launchers or Avalon for Kiritsugu.

fight lasts for up to 60 minutes or until all members are dead, incapacitated or forfeit.

Everyone is given 3 days of preparation and then teleported to Arkham Asylum

All fighters are separated on four separate corners of the island

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MCU or Comic Bucky Barnes?

I'm not wholly familiar with all of their feats, but I'm willing to bet the anime character wins.

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Emiya wins via the grail

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Sam fischer from a tom clancy game (Splinter cell?), Emiya from Fate, Bucky from MCU, and Wick? I know all of these people.

I'd have to brush up but I think Sam fischer would be the best, he has the most advanced tech and being from a game, he has near perfect accuracy.

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Don’t know the anime guy. He can’t kamehameha the moon or something right?

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