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Round 1: Captain America, Winter Soldier & Black Panther
Round 2: Star Lord, Drax & Mantis
Round 3: Ronan and Nebula
Round 4: Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver
Round 5: Doctor Strange and Wong
Round 6: Revengers (Ragnarok)
Round 7: Hela

  • Spidermen get fully healed after each round.
  • Takes place in New York City. Hela is on the same level as she would be on Asgard.
  • Standard gear. No time stone for Strange.
  • In character, but willing to do whatever it takes to win.
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If Wanda is on point they should stop at 4, if not 5 at best.

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Could stop at 5, definite stop at 6.

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I think Ronan is a lot more powerful than people think and I think they lose there. Ignoring that round though I think round 4 depends on if Quicksilver can provide proper interference to protect scarlet witch from being blitzed. I think they can blitz 5 as well, both Wong and Strange are glass cannons.

They stop at the revengers for sure.

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They speed blitz 5 but stop at 6.

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Hard stop at 6

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Beats everyone else but stop at 6.

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Hard stop at 6, gap in physicals is just to high.

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How powerful were they?

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Probably 6 Ronan is stronger thsn people think plus he gets new feats soon