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Rules for ROUND 1
  • In-character
  • Fight takes place in New York
  • If the majority think its too uneven, Spider Man uses Iron Spidey suit.

Rules for ROUND 2
  • Bloodlust
  • Fight takes place in New York
  • If the majority think its too uneven, Spider Man uses Iron Spidey suit.

Info on Walter C. Dornez:
As a human, Walter possessed tremendous skill and speed. Even in his old age, he was able to easily dodge bullets from assault rifles at inhuman speeds. He was able to take out several low-ranked artificial vampires and a large amount of ghouls with ease.

His primary weapons are a pair of razor-sharp wires, which he controls like an extension of his own body. These wires are shown to be able to cut through steel and easily slice through the Vatican helicopters and multiple sky scrappers. He also uses it to defend against bullets by making a mesh.

Considering that he himself had remarked that he had been not as good as he used to (This might be just an intimidation tactic used to frighten Jan Valentine), he demonstrated superhuman abilities at advanced age. One can only wonder how powerful Walter might be in his prime.

However, when Walter was transformed into an artificial vampire by Millennium, his youth was restored to him and all of abilities where boosted beyond his peak in human form, making him an opponent strong enough to fight a fully-powered Alucard one-on-one.

He gained the typical vampire abilities of superhuman strength, speed, and presumably some regenerative ability, although this remains relatively untested. It’s possible he might have possessed Telekinesis also.

However these abilities are in question giving the speedy nature of which he was transformed into an artificial vampire by Millennium. He is currently de-aging to his Dawn incarnation of a young boy.

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Walter with ease. 

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Wow you are manga fans, or i have no idead about spiderman, i mean yes walter wins, but that with ease is wierd?
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Who bumps a comic vs manga battle?