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Spider-Man has no webs for this battle.

Takes place here

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I don't think he really hits hard enough to KO Luke. With so many distractions, I'd side with Defenders.

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Garfield ? He Clowns them

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Spidey is too fast he destroys.

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Peter's far too fast for the team to tag, and he's strong enough to KO all of them without much issue.

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Spider-Man is way too fast for them.

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Spider-Man has no striking feats needed to KO Luke but he could just pin his arms behind his back or pick him up by his legs and repeatedly slam his head onto the ground.

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Could go either way, he could blitz them, but he might not be able to KO Luke, when he attempts to KO him he could get shot from behind or hit by a Chi punch.

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OP needs more info.

Spidey is a pretty smart fighter. With knowledge, he taked out the fodder one by one and saves Luke for last, as he is slow but his durability is troublesome. Then he uses his own strength to either choke him out or otherwise incapacitate him. Won't be easy, but it is possible.

Without knowledge, he might get stuck in a scrap with Luke and get ko'ed by Danny or Jessica.

So could go either way

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Spiderman is faster then all of time of course but, I don't see him knocking out Luke Cage either

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MCU Spiderman would be a good matchup IMO. This one definitely ones.

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Spider-man hits harder than anyone Luke faced IMO. He sent electro flying pretty far. Even though it was with a hydrant, he still accelerated it and his hits would only be a little weaker. Plus he could kick electro a couple dozen feet straight up.

And I do see plenty of potential weapons Pete could use if need be