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If his durability stays the same, I don't see why the outcome of Peter's fight with Tony would be any different than the other ones. He defeated him before and they were irrelevant strength/striking wise (at least most of them). Plus, the fact that Tony knows Peter will have Hulk's strength will motivate him to be more careful and possibly use his other abilities Peter has no answer to, like sonics.

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He stops at 1.

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Could see him stopping at Hercules tbh, one hit real from him should seriously harm Spidey and that's all it would take for herc to get the advantage, if not then iron man

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The fact that people keep saying he clears is mind boggling to me as there are Juggy and IM hulk here.......

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@tonymartial said:

This thread is hilarious.

Are 616 characters really this slow?

ITT: Tony outright acknowledging he doesn't know the capabilities of comic book characters.

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@theoriginalone: That is incorrect. Hulk has beaten Juggernaut before. He got knocked out by Juggs once or twice, but has also beaten Juggernaut pretty bad once or twice too.

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@SouskueMadara: There was context behind that that you are leaving out. Him and Juggy fights generally end with bfr as they can't harm each other.

Juggy is always beaten by bfr generally as harming him without it is impossible. Not even Thanos could harm him without PIS.

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@jashro44: Which version of immortal hulk? Is it the base level one who fought red hulk? the one who fought jane and herc had absorbed red hulk. the one who fought the avengers had red hulks gamma, plus sasquatchs gamma plus the one below all... then there is obviously the drained one who had most of his gamma and toba drained from him by the absorbing man...

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Assuming he has the strength of the strongest sasquatch/toba amped immortal hulk version, he loses to ironman due to tonys ranged attacks, loses to angrir just due to how tough and powerful angrir is. loses to juggy obviously. beats immortal hulk because we literally already saw hulk have trouble with sasquatch who had the same power level as him. spiderman can evade all of hulks blows and land a bunch of immortal hulk busting blows on hulk which he can't heal from... stops at thor due to thors ranged attacks as well as the fact current thor has nowhere near the strength and durability he used to ever since the motherstorm disappeared along with his lightning... which is basically like taking hulks gamma away from him.

The only 2 opponents he can't beat in this thread under any circumstance even if he does perfectly and gets super lucky with everything are Juggernaut and Immortal Hulk. Juggernaut can tank his attacks all day and Immortal Hulk has already tanked attacks from a being amped to be equal to his levels and won in the end, so it wont be any different here. He has a chance of beating everyone else, it depends on if he gets unlucky or clumsy or just overwhelmed with attacks he can't dodge and gets tagged.

@loveeveryone: He doesnt have hulk regen or durability here. The OP made that clear. Not to mention, you can't put down Juggy or IM hulk with just hulk level of output.

He is going to get tagged and one shotted.

Also, IM hulk will destroy this spidy as by his powerset, he will keep getting stronger while spidy won't. Not to mention, you can't put down hulk with his own hits, you need extreme levels of power like Thanos.

This is nonsense, Immortal hulk literally beat a literal clone of himself i.e. immortal hulk beat a being amped to his exact same physicals, fighting skill, etc, i.e. immortal hulk literally beat immortal hulk.

What happens when one being has immortal hulks strength, durability, and healing factor, while the other being has immortal hulks strength and striking power, with no healing factor, but literally combined with spidermans spidey sense, combat speed, agility, reflexes and mobility...

immortal hulks gonna get swarmed with hulk level punches coming from someone as fast and mobile as spiderman... this fight isn't going to go anything like the sasquatch fight. spidermans gonna dodge all of hulks blows while landing a ton of immortal hulk busting blows on him. we literally saw immortal hulk beat a clone of himself, it's pretty obvious what would happen if he had to go up against someone as strong as him but who was also given spidermans level of speed, agility, reflexes, etc.

Hulk can obviously be put down with "hulk level output" because he literally has ... world breaker got taken out with hulk level output and immortal hulk himself beat a literal clone of himself... which is on panel evidence that hulk level output is more than enough to take him down...

every single character in comics can be taken down by someone weaker than themselves as long as they aren't significantly weaker... in this case spiderman isn't even weaker yet he has the speed and agility to add onto hulks strength...im not seeing how he doesn't beat immortal hulk

The second part of your statement is wank. If you needed thanos levels of power to take down immortal hulk, then explain to me how immortal hulk took down sasquatch who had the same strength and durability he did? I guess sasquatch was much weaker and much less durable than immortal hulk, since hulk took him out and "you can't put down hulk with his own hits" lmao...

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Heads up to everyone bowdowntodaddy is another whoisthebest alt, let the mods deal with it.

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Lol at @intothevoid (someone who was confirmed as being a vicious fanboy alt of Virtuozzo (banned user) among like 15 other alts which constantly attacked people on the forums) accusing me.

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A bloodlusted immortal Spider-Man would one shot 1,2,3 and tag them before they tag him.

4 onwards it starts getting tricky, but I'd say he takes Hercules out because of superior speed and Hercules cannot tag him easily. Rulk gets 2-3 shotted and webbed.

Iron man is where he stops. Once he hits stark, he'd know to bombard him with his best attacks, which can take out his un-enhcnced durability.

Angrier is tricky, I don't think his normal aoe attacks can take him out but they will hurt him. Also not sure if he can one-shot him. It can go either way I think.

Others ahead of him beat Spidey.

Interesting order.

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@jashro44: Red Hulk should be above Ironman.

OT: Stops at Immortal Hulk. Arguments could be made for him stopping at Rulk or Hercules.

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Stops at 9 I believe, because it would probably be a stalemate