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Deathstroke, Deadshot, Sabretooth

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@rbt said:

Slade, Sabretooth and Deadshot.

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Probably Slade, Nightwing and Harley but I'm not knowledgable on a few of these guys.

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Sabretooth - he's stronger than Spider-Man

Deathstroke The Terminator - has high regen and is a skilled fighter

Robocop - has accuracy with his weapons (like Deadshot) but is more durable than Deadshot

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Sabertooth, Slade and deadshot. The 2 distract Spidey while deadshot gets a shit off and thats all she wrote. Sabertooth can take any damge Spidey can dish and with Slade helping its rediculous

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@jashro44 said:
@jay_z94 said:

@jashro44: I'm pretty sure it would be canon (unless it's actually stated otherwise). IIRC it's innocent until proven guilty in terms of Marvel comics.

Normally yes. But this was a limited edition series that you couldn't buy at a comic store. This isn't a regular comic.

Ahh I see.

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Robo Cop, Slade and Deadshot. I'd go for Bane instead of Robo Cop but the symbiote is a liability due to it's easily exploitable weaknesses.

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@jay_z94: Also another point is that rule about canon is Breevorts rule. I don't believe he was an editor in 1993.

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@jashro44 said:

@jay_z94: Also another point is that rule about canon is Breevorts rule. I don't believe he was an editor in 1993.

Fair enough.

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Slade, Sabretooth, and Bane

I'd actually survive this! The Superboy Prime one, forget it. If he wanted me dead, I'm dead.

If all else fails, I'd really want to hang out with Bane!

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@jashro44 said:

@arranvidreturns: Creed isn't stronger than Spider-Man.

Sorry my bad

Sabretooth is actually weaker than Spidey...but their strength levels are not that much apart

I was trying to remember the stats from my old Top Trump cards...even though they are old

I thought Sabretooth had strength 38/50 when apparently he has 34/50

Spidey has strength 36/50, Wolverine has strength 35/50

No Caption Provided
No Caption Provided
No Caption Provided

Still according to these cards, Sabretooth's agility is not far off Spidey's, his speed is fast like Spidey's and he has more fighting skills than Spidey. Having Sabretooth, Deathstroke & Robocop in my team is probably enough to prevent me from being killed by Spidey

I know that these cards are old and times have changed but I still count these as the real deal sometimes

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Slade, Floyd and either Joker or Bane

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Bane slade deadshot

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@nickzambuto: Joker isn't THAT smart. He isn't stupid. But he isn't that smart.

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Sabretooth Slade and bane

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@zackg: Oh yes he is. Joker is one of the only, only people in the whole world, who can consistently rival Batman in intelligence, and even surpass him on occasion. He's overall on the same plain as Luthor, he even stole Mxy's powers once and achieved omnipotence, and his SPECIALTY is chemistry!

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@smoothsanta said:

I think Spidey would kill you with any of the three.

Yea, maybe Im off and Slade is all over the place but isnt Spiderman stronger or have superior physicals overall to Slade? Im lost on this but Im having a hardtime seeing any of these three killing Spiderman with his pre cog/ stopping him from killing you unless you're telling me he'll get so distracted he wont sense Deadshots sniper round. In that case I can see it, but I dont see how if hes trying to kill YOU, he'll just drop that idea and go get distracted saving other people or something

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@ObsidianSniper1: Mmm Superior Spidey punched Wolverine out with one blow. I don't think he went all out either. I can see Peter literally punching the heads of any of that team.