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This is Snake Eyes from GI Joe Resolute. This is Spider-Man from Spectacular Spider-Man. Snake Eyes has standard equipment. Both fights take place in the city. They start 20 ft away from each other. Random Encounter for each battle.

Round 1- Spider-Man vs Snake Eyes

Round 2- Symbiote Spider-Man vs Snake Eyes

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I'm afraid I haven't seem Resolute so I could easily be wrong here.

SKILL: Snake is highly skilled in martial arts and is one of the best on the planet. This version of Spidey is not trained and is not even highly experienced. The whole series takes place in his first year as a hero.

WEAPONS: Snake usually carries a .45 automatic pistol, a katana, and a small arsenal of ninja and military weapons. Spidey has his webshooters. In his favor, unlike some other versions, this webbing is strong enough that characters without some level of superhuman strength cannot break it (though I'm sure Snake's sword would go right through it).

STRENGTH: In contrast to the comic version who has sometimes been depicted as having no super strength, and other times has been able to life dozens of tons, SSM Spidey is very consistently in the 3-4 ton level. That makes him something like a dozen times as strong as Snake Eyes.

SPEED: This is close. Spidey is very fast, but a non-super martial artist like Fancy Dan could come close to keeping up with him. Snake Eyes is almost certainly a better fighter than Dan, though SSM Dan was amazing. I'd say Spider is faster than Snake, but Snake's much higher skill level evens this out.

ACROBATICS: Spidey can easily out leap anyone human, including Snake Eyes. Outside of that, I'd guess Snake is close to his equal.

SENSES: Most versions of Snake have highly attuned senses, so it's close but I think the Spider-sense gives Spidey an edge here.

I dunno whether Snake is trying to kill Spidey. With no clear statement form the OP, I'll assume normal morals are on and neither will kill the other without reason. Under those conditions, I'll give it to Spider, after a tough fight, 6/10.

With the symbiote this is more of a stomp and Spider wins at least 8/10.

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Spidey takes both

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I hear Spidey can beat Batman with his stats so he can beat Snake Eyes too. Any grenades SE uses Spiderman can easily dodge or throw back as he's done with Green Goblin

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Resolute Snake Eyes is bad ass and has ridiculously good pain tolerance but come on, Pete highly out stats him.

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In case anyone wants to bring up Snake taking down Decepticons, Spiderman has brought down Megatron himself

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