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@POOTY: stopping time doesn't affect spectrum and again spectrum mimics the speed force energy, she's done it to psychic energy, magical energy and will energy. She's going to pull a captain atom on flash ass. what's flash going to do to her? and speed steal won't work, spectrum and don't forget spectrum turns invisible , even if flash speed steal , that's momentarily victory and it won't work any other time, spectrum is smart and won't fall for the same trick twice , she takes 8/10 ,this is also Barry not wally.stop mixing up there feats, this is Barry new 52 flash.

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"Ignorance is bliss".

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EVERYTHING you said os wrong until you said "this is also Barry not wally".I got them mixed up.

And its ironic that you tell me to stop mixing up the Flashs when you can't tell the difference between letters and numbers. My name is P00TY. Those are the number zero. Not letters.

If you really think Spectrum can beat Wally vs Spectrum. You can meet me here.


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Monica stomps flash any day all day much more versatile has answer for anything flash has

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It could go either way, but doesn't new 52 Barry have the ability to absorb speed force energy. He also has his speed mind which can calculate possibilities as though he can predict the future and enhance his knowledge further. That and his femtosecond reaction could help him deal with her attacks.

Her being one with the speedforce would be a bad idea and would not exactly grant her the powers and experience of all speedsters and users of the speedforce because it needs a person who can handle it and would have to grant them a specific powerset as well, and anyone could get lost in it or lose themselves to the speedforce potentially forever, like how Wally West was going to disappear into it until Barry saved him. He has ran through frozen time as well. She could gain a set of power, but Barry could absorb that as well, and it'd be a struggle for who can absorb whose power the fastest. So the battle is debatable on who could win.

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people with control over the electro magnetic spectrum have being shown to be able to cotrol the speedforce energies for example ominar sym, vibe, captain atom. I think flash fan boys needs to wake up from there slumber. this is a living electo magnetic spectrum being here, spectrum wins.

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Sin removed the aura, but didn't stop the speed so try again.

also, ignoring the levels of which the Flash's interact/control the SF...? Jay is not Barry or Wally, for example.

this is just a one low showing, no one else with the control over EM spectrum did something similiar like this to the speed force, i heard vibe did it but zero scans showing he did it and even if he did, he doesn't have control over the EM spectrum (unless there's a scan) also Captain Atom only did it due to his connection to the SF.

Also, IGNORING Especially with the reveal from Dark Nights metal recently that Nth Metal is basically magic do anything metal from the forge of creation.

nice lowball though

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spectrum, more times than not especially against moral on flash. and flash doesn't go ftl in character. only wankers says otherwise. I have read enough flash comic to comfortably say this.