Sophia's hounds (John Wick 3) run an MCU unarmed avenger gauntlet

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4 vicious hounds trained by Sophia from John Wick 3 surrounds the following Unarmed MCU avenger one by one -- each hound took up the position of front, back, left and right, all 5 feet apart from the said avenger member right in the CENTER of them.


Condition: The 4 hounds are bloodlust and will attack simultaneously the moment fight starts; the avengers are determined not to get mauled.


Location: in center of the courtyard where Wick, Sophia and her hounds had the shootout.


Victory: via incap or death.


The unarmed gauntlet:


1. Nick Fury

2. Hawkeye

3. Black Widow

4. Tony Stark (suitless but with his repulsor watch from Civil War)

5. Depowered Thor (from Thor 1)

6. T'challa (suitless and depowered like during his combat ritual)

7. Captain America (the novice Cap from right after the serum-amp in First Avenger when he chased down the spy)


Bonus round: Goose the Flerken Cat! (as seen in Captain Marvel, but bear in mind, it has no on-screen durability feat)

How far can the 4 hounds get? And can they maul that Flerken cat before it ate them all? 😋😂

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The dogs would clear

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@allstarsuperman: No way can they beat cap. The dude could punch through submarine glass underwater already and him being rookie cap doesn’t change his insane durability.

He can literally punch four times and win.

They can beat everyone else however.

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Stop at Black Widow in round 1 only to clear with ease in the bonus round. Even if Goose has no durability feats, so what, he can still kill anyone in this gauntlet before they have the chance to do anything.

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Wasn’t it just 2 dogs. There were 2 other dogs on set but they acted as doubles.

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Likely stops at Black Widow but she likely takes heavy damage. Lol at them beating Cap, he rips them like this

No Caption Provided

They can beat the bonus due to starting position

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Stops at 5, if not then definitely 7. They get murked in the bonus.

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@danieldaripper: yeah there were just 2 dogs in the movie but I figured 2 of them poses no threat to the gauntlet, since most of those avengers are fast enough to react and two shot. But it would be far harder when there are four attacking from all four directions simultaneously. With that said, how far do you think the four hounds can get? 😊