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We don't know much about Skaar but he is bound to be pretty strong, we know a lot about the Hulk, he is very strong and I mean so strong that its not even funny. So who would win in a fight, if Skaar comes to Earth and challenges Hulk for abandoning him? Who would win in a fight?

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i gotta give this to hulk. experience, strength, and fighting skill although i dont know if skaar is a better han to hand fighter. i highly doubt it though

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Hulk for this one. I chose Hulk over Skaar any day.....though i never read any of his comics so i'm bias on that part. 

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Skaar is pretty nuts when it comes to fighting, at least as far as #2 goes. Not nuts as in good, nuts as in crazy. I'm not sure if he can speak words either, because I haven't seen that of him yet. But he kills all the remaining dragons on Sakaar, and repeatedly goes after this barbarian guy. Skaar gets like a spear to his midsection, but he pulls it out, heals and keeps going, so he definitely has Hulk's healing factor. I think he does get knocked down and out of the fight, though. I'm not up-to-date on Skaar's abilities right now, but I'd say that he has the potential to at least match the Hulk in the future.

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The Hulk would win this fight here
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Yeah, I forgot to mention that part.

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Skaar due to combat skills and old power and weaponry.