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He replaces luffy in all battles, where does he stop.

Can touch lugias and damage them.

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he's not getting past impel down the poison would kill him even if he won the fight

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@noqualms: pretty sure the poison would either burn off or wouldn't even touch Naruto. He doesn t even have to hit Magellan he could just blast him away.

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Gets incinerated by Enel.

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@kingguinness: enel dies within seconds, he has no durability feats to suggest he can survive as no intangiblility. Also 6 tails way faster than lightning and can survive this move without a problem

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@kingguinness: Not even in a billion years ewe" KN6 Naruto tanked his own Bijuudama mountain buster to the face, unharmed. Tanked being crushed under Chibaku Tensei mountains pieces, overpowered a Shinra Tensei that can KO and send 3 giant toads miles away.

Also his KN4 feats and stats are more than doubled in KN6.

OT: KN6 Naruto reach Big Mom saga.

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Depends on some factors;

If any of the admirals take him seriously during the Marine ford war, he stops there.

If he isn't in this scenerio, related to garp, he gets murdered at every point where garp encountered luffy including post enies lobby arc.

If the above don't apply, he probably stops at Dressrosa arc. definitely dies in WCI arc.