Six Paths of Pain vs Byakuya and Renji

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@hope_w: lol that’s perfect gif for that statement

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Wait any reason why either Byakuya or Renji can't solo?

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Byakuya solos

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Renji solos via a common slap or punch you decide, he easily took Masculine punch without any effort, and Masculine Lariat/Punch >>>>>>> any naruto character besides Gai then went ahead and blocked his volstandig which is 10x stronger than before.

pain gets curbstomp as soon as the fight begins, stat difference is too massive, even a Vice Captain like Hisagi or Chad have way higher stats than Pain where even one punch from Chad would easily kill Pain.

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While Deva pein has powerful moves the bleach team is just far too powerful casually . Renji alone can take this he can one shot the paths with his elbow . If you scale Byakuya to Kenpachi then even CT is useless. Anyway the paths cant handle their speed

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Team bleach wins. With speed not equalized, team bleach would stomp.