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Shoto Todoroki (My Hero Academia)

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Wonder Woman (DCEU)

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  • No prep time, No prior knowledge
  • Win by any means
  • Morals on and are in character
  • Starting distance is 30 ft apart from eachother
  • Characters are current

Round 2:

Distance is 200 ft apart and Todoroki is bloodlusted/morals off.

Location is here:

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WW's too fast for Todoroki.

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A blast Todoroki does will be reflected back at him.

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Wonder woman, mismatch

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Wondy is probably too fast, but Shoto would easily blow her apart if she didn't bullrush immediately.

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Diana blitzes or bracelet crashes him.

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Mismatch. Diana blitzes and takes his head off.

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Ohhh. Tough one.

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Probably Diana.

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lol she is not blitzing from 200f shoto turns here into a popsicle then fries her in an pretty easy win

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im not so sure. she blitz. since he can encase himself in meters thick ice near instantly

in round 1 Diana 8/10

Round 2: young Todoroki(in All Might voice) 6/10

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WW's too fast for Todoroki.

This and she would wreck his ice constructs easily. So his ice ridge shouldn't be a threat.