Sherlock Holmes runs a game of thrones gauntlet

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•This is movie Sherlock.

•Sherlock has the Valyrian steel sword.

•Morals on.


•Tv or book feats

•GoT characters have their standard weapons and armor

•Sherlock is healed and his stamina returns to normal after each round.

•The fight takes place in the Cappella Amphitheater:

Round 1: Ned Stark

Round 2: Grey Worm

Round 3: Bronn

Round 4: Jon Snow

Round 5: Brienne of Tarth

Round 6: Sandor Clegane

Round 7: Oberyn Martell

Round 8: Jaime Lannister

Round 9: Ser Arthur Dayne

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Stops at 1, all the people in GoT are sword fighters, Sherlock can fight but is not a swordsman.