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Going nostalgic here, so I set the great Demon Sorcerer of Fire, Shendu

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Vs the great Heylin witch Wuya

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N prep, no knowledge, no shen gon wus, both at their fullest, with their shadowkhan/rock monsters army, fight in the forbidden city, in character whom wins?

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Every female MMO charcter I make is direct homage to the epicness of Wuya.

O/T Wuya has planetary magic and has caused a permanent darkness to envelop the earth by litterally grabbing the moon and more or less lower end Reality Warping.

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I don't remember much of Wuya but I'm going to assume she's more powerful than Shendu. However he's have a hard time putting Shendu down.

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Shendu would need the talismans to even stand a chance, and even then he still loses.

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Wuya seems more powerful and versatile. I also forgot how Dashi defeated her, the only person she lost to.

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@juiceboks: shendu in his most powerful has the talismans

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Shendu was able to control people and Wuya manipulated reality.

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Pretty sure Wuya murks.

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Wuya, her planetary feats aren’t combat applicable though.