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A pod lands at Castle Greystone and hatches Doomsday. She-Ra and He-Man race to the scene. Who wins?

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He-Man and She-Ra
He-Man and She-Ra
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doomsday stomps, effortlessly

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@Almighty_Darkseid said:

doomsday stomps, effortlessly

T_T for once i can actually agree with you.

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I say She-Ra solos!!!!!......... Just Kidding, Doomsday Stomps!

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Isn't He-Man like a legit 100 tonner? Doomsday should be able to kill them without breaking a sweat. Does Doomsday sweat at all? I dunno.

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Doomsday should win.

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I am actually gonna say the team has a chance. He-Man is supposed to be the strongest there is at any give place he's in. I either read that some where or heard it on the 2000's cartoon. If i'm wrong then Doomsday kills them.

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@mikemaximum: actually nothing happens. Because she-ra and heman go about their daily lives at castle graySKULL as if nothing new had happened . meanwhile. Elsewhere in the universe at castle "graystone", doomsday realizes there is nobody there, kicks a brick, stubs his toe. This makes doomsday furious so he decides to go home.

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@dingus: your joke is 2 years too late though.

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He-Man: BY THE POWAH OF GREYSKU------ *dies*

Doomsday: *One shots She-ra*

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The new "He-man was more about magic then strength feats he has no feats other then normal?