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Who would win between the two?

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Arthas conquers him.

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The kahn

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kahn cause arthas is a little...

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Arthas breaks him.

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@overlordarthas I summon the true Arthas to this thread!!

SK can hit him all he wants and he will never give a f*ck.

I do not think Shao would even qualify to be a Death Knight.

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I take Shao Kahns side in this. In Nitara's ending cinimatic it is heavily implied that Shao Kahn can either move planets with his strength or teleport planets. With Shao Kahn's ability to absorb souls I think it's a tossup if he could absorb the souls trapped in Frostmourne, if he can then he would destroy Arthas. Without the souls in the blade, Frostmourne almost becomes any other sword, and almost nothing compared to the Wrath Hammer. However Arthas does have better armor due to his Saronite plate. If this is a battle of armies then I give it to Arthas. While the combined force of Osh Tek, Tarkatan and Shokan warriors would mount a strong defense, the scourge would inevitably win. However, in a one on one fight I still think it would be close due to Shao Kahns physical advantage while Arthas has a magical advantage on Kahn. Reason I choose physical power over magical in this dual is that Arthas is not a spellcaster and relies more on physical power than magic anyway, but that is Shao Kahn's sweet spot. Shao Kahn 6/10 times