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  • NO Hulk- He didn't make it in time
  • Shaws team includes Emma Frost
  • Fight to the death
  • Random encounter
  • 50 Yards away
  • Civilians present as seen below

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I don't see how Fox team loses. I don't think any of them can put Shaw down, Emma can just drop all of them with TP, and Azazel can pretty much just stop them from being able to coordinate attacks.

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Team Shaw wins.

Emma can neutralize Thor with telepathy. Azazel and Riptide as a duo carve through Cap, Hawkeye, and Widow. If Tony tries to fly away Azazel can fix that, then Shaw rips the armor apart. Emma keeps Thor in a sedated state while Shaw builds up the power to actually kill him, likely involving Thor's lack of piercing durability.