Scarecrow vs. Mad Hatter. Who wins?

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These two characters are from the Batman comics.  
Both characters are at the highest in terms of skill and experience.  Both are fully rested and bloodlust is on. 

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Scarecrow wins.

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Mad Hatter's easily spooked. He unwinds pretty easily. Scarecrow wouldn't even need gas, he could just jumped out from behind a chair and give hatter a heart attack. On the other hand, I think Hatter actually took control of Scarecrow at one point. I suppose if he had prep he could just take control and walk him off a cliff.

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Awww....I wanted it to be Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland, because if we were using the most powerful incarnation of it I would say it would win. 
Have you seen Mad Hatter in American McGee's Alice?