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  1. Only Characters Listed (Tag me if you want someone outside the list)
  2. Cannot pick the same Characters.
  3. All Characters are Current/Latest versions
  4. All are equipped with Standard Gear.
  5. 8 perk points
  6. 4 Characters per team
  7. Location is the Savage Lands at night fall
  8. Ask if you want a spot reserved
  9. 8 teams
  10. Tournament will start once teams are selected
  11. Rules subject to change and clarification
  12. No Hax


  1. Captain America
  2. Taskmaster
  3. Daredevil
  4. Mister X
  5. Harley Quinn
  6. Bluebird
  7. Mystique
  8. Silk
  9. Spider-Gwen
  10. Shocker
  11. Mysterio
  12. Red Skull
  13. The Joker
  14. Scare Crow
  15. Deadshot
  16. Sportsmaster
  17. Gambit
  18. Bullseye
  19. Crossbones
  20. Batman
  21. Dick Grayson
  22. Jason Todd
  23. Tim Drake
  24. Damien Wayne
  25. Terry McGinnis
  26. Batwoman
  27. Azreal (Lane)
  28. Catwoman
  29. Black Cat
  30. Huntress
  31. Question (Montoya)
  32. Rorschach
  33. Green Arrow
  34. Ka-Zar
  35. Ted Kord
  36. Punisher
  37. Captain America (Bucky)
  38. Captain America (Sam)
  39. Hawkeye
  40. Black Widow
  41. Nick Fury
  42. Roy Harper
  43. Moon Knight
  44. Kraven the Hunter
  45. Miles Morales
  46. Silk
  47. Spider-Gwen
  48. Blade
  49. Artemis Crock


4 1 Character Morals Off

3 Plasma Sword (Covenant)

3 Electrified Whip (Whiplash)

3 Camouflage Unit (G. I. Joe)

3 Hunting Helmet ((Predator) non lethal)

2 Black Power Fist (Huey Freeman)

2 Disable 1 enemy equipment

2 30 minute prep (Outside Savage Land)

2 1 hour prep (Inside Savage Land)

2 Cybernetic Arm (Bucky)

2 Pumpkin Bombs ((5) Green Goblin)

2 Vibranium Melee Upgrade (Upgrade any melee weapon to Vibranium)

1 Chainsaw Prosthetic Hand (Madworld Jack)

1 Grapple Gun

1 Frag Mine (3)

1 Smoke Grenades (5)

1 Claymores (3)

1 Wrist and Ankle Spikes (Tarantula)

1 Kevlar Body Armor(Covers Chest)

1 Silencer Upgrade(Silence 1 Gun)

1 Poison Coating (Coat 1 Blade)


@barrys_brotherJoker, Miles Morales, Mysterio, & MystiqueDisable (x2) & 30 min prep (x2)
@Knowledge_KingBlade, Taskmaster, Gambit, & BullseyeMorals Off, Poison Coating (x2), & Vibranium Sword
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@dodirty31: So are you taking suggestion or is that whole talk we had pointless
If yes I might have a few in mind and if not then that is a shame

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I like the premise here. Don't put me down for anything yet but I may join depending on how sign ups go.

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@smxlr8: As it says in the details yes. Also as I said in the message yes. Who would you like to add?

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@dodirty31: add some avatar character that goes for both last air bender and legend of korra
also maybe some more comic characters out side of marvel and DC
Some anime / manga characters would be nice
Some animated character
perhaps some video game

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@smxlr8: If you or anyone else would like to add someone give me the names specifically and i'll thumbs up or down them.

I will go ahead and say Avatars are probably out due to power level. Anime and manga also due to the fact that I can't guarantee that they are around the same power level.

Animated sounds fine give me some names and i will let you know....

Video Games seems fine... same as above... off the top of my head Cole Train(gears), Soldier (overwatch), ect

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Joker, Miles Morales, Mysterio, and Mystique

30 minute outside prep (x2) and Disable equipment (x2)

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Blade, Taskmaster, Gambit, Bullseye

Morals Off (Gambit)

Poison Coating (Blade's sword)

Poison Coating (Taskmaster's sword)

Vibranium sword (Taskmaster's sword)

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