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Sauron has conquered all of middle earth. Little does he know the Prince of Demons himself, the great and dreaded Demogorgon, lord of all evil things that swim in the depths. Decides to strike middle earth in the midst of the conflict.

Round 1: Mt doom at mordor.

Round 2: The Gaping Maw of the infinite layers of the abyss.

Rules: armies fully allowed, they are each at the peak of their powers, Demogorgon may not warp his layer during combat. They can use any resource at their Disposals.

Abilities known.

Sauron: Immortality, Able to send entire platoons flying in one blow with his mace, able to cause fire to rain from the sky. The Ring grants him many many unnaturally powerful abilities. Presumed genius level intellect. Control of a massive army of orcs, goblins, trolls, and urak-hai. As well as various other creatures. Like worgs, mumakills, and giant spiders correct me for any spelling errors I made

Demogorgon: Immortality, immunity to electricity and poison, very resistant to flames acid and cold, able to summon more demons to assist him, a vast array of spell like abilities, a vast horde of demons he does not control all demon kind, demons are simply too chaotic to fall under one banner a large cult of various species. Many Balor servants balors are all in all identical to balrogs Able to do twice the amount of things a normal person could do in the same amount of time. Tail severely drains the life out of those it touches. A Charming gaze makes you believe he's your best friend, a Insanity gaze, and a hypnosis gaze.

So it's


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First round goes to Sauron as does the second. He's basically a god with the One Ring and the only reason he lost the Battle of the Last Alliance was because Isildur got lucky. I'm not too familiar with Demogorgon and could be underestimating him...but on the other hand I care little for apparently omnipotent demon princes...

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Hm...For now I'm going with the Sauron until someone can prove otherwise.

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Sauron is a one man army....but demogorgon is bad too..still going with sauron because not only the ring but but im more familiar with sauron's army and the worgs were awesome

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anyways!!! yea ur prolly right

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Sauron is a beast