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Posted by Bastetz (184 posts) 6 months, 7 days ago

Poll: Sasuke/Gaara vs Naruto/Neji ( Chunin exams ) (48 votes)

Sasuke/Gaara 48%
Naruto/Neji 52%


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  • Standard Chunin exam rules
  • Standard knowledge of each other
  • Naruto and Gaara can not use their obvious beasts and Sasuke can only access his curse mark gift to the same lvl he did up until this point and at this point in time only. Aka no part 1 end curse mark feats
  • In character
  • No In fighting/grudges against each other

Fighting arena - Same as in the Chunin Exams but they all start 200ft away from each other

Image result for Chunin exam arenaImage result for Chunin exam arena

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#57 Posted by SWA2point0 (229 posts) - - Show Bio

Naruto and Neji would have the ability to win more times than not

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#58 Edited by CaptFalcon725 (1275 posts) - - Show Bio

I don't recall Gamabunta being disallowed. If Naruto can do the summons, GG. If not, restricting the tailed beasts, probably not. Most of Pt. 1 Naruto's major feats were with a KN0 or KN1 cloak. The only things he did without Kurama were learn Shadow Clone Jutsu from a forbidden scroll and the Rasengan (both Jonin+-level jutsu, but he had little else).

And by this fight, all he had were Shadow Clones. Is Sasuke isn't inhibited by the curse mark, chidori GG.

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#59 Posted by Insertnewname (1610 posts) - - Show Bio

Sasuke vs gaara was considered the main event in the tournament soo the answer should be easy enough. Iih

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#60 Posted by Mister_Stark (1532 posts) - - Show Bio

Neji beats Sasuke rotation would counter Chidori and he would get smoked in hand 2 hand. And we've all seen Gaara vs Naruto already.

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#61 Posted by Slade-Prime (1653 posts) - - Show Bio



Enough said

This. Team 2 narrowly wins.

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#63 Posted by Zuriel-el (3428 posts) - - Show Bio

naruto solos, team two stomp. naruto already beat a stronger gaara, neji beats sasuke with relative ease.

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#68 Posted by Zuriel-el (3428 posts) - - Show Bio

how is this still 50/50

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#70 Edited by Token1300 (374 posts) - - Show Bio

Naruto vs Gaara = Same Scenario. Even if Gaara wasn’t so worked up Naruto was still able to damage Shukaku Mini Form Gaara which should be more powerful n faster than a relaxed Gaara, and that was without fox chakra amp.




Neji vs Sasuke = Sasuke winning mid diff

Naruto vs Sasuke = Naruto winning due to fox chakra amp

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#72 Posted by ArtoriasAbyssWalker (644 posts) - - Show Bio

Neji beats Sasuke. Sasuke beats Naruto. But Gaara beats Neji and Naruto. So I say team Sasuke.

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#75 Posted by DSTREET45 (5300 posts) - - Show Bio

Naruto and Neji

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#82 Posted by Jueix (2573 posts) - - Show Bio