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  • CS1 Sasuke (2 Tomoe Sharingan) vsCS1 Sakon/Ukon

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    This is Sasuke during the beginning of the "Valley of the End" fight. When he gained the new CS powers.

    Round 1 - Rules:

    - Morals ON
    - Base knowledge - no prep.
    - Standard Equipment
    - Win by K.O.or incap
    - Sasuke with 2 Tomoe Sharingan

  • CS2 Sasuke vsCS2 Sakon/Ukon

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    Round 2 - Rules:

    - Bloodlusted - Go for the kill
    - No knowledge and prep.
    - Standard Equipment
    - Win by death

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R1. Goes to CS1 Sasuke with mid diff. Sakon/Ukon lost their speed and strenght advantage, however they are still 2 vs 1. . .

R2. Bloodlusted and goes for the kill? Parassite Demon GG. Both Sakon and Ukon loves to play with their victims so they wouldn't go for the Insta-kill Parassite easily. However in a bloodlusted battle. . . both Sakon and Ukon becomes cells and takes off Sasuke's head.

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Sasuke gets his revenge in round one

Sakon and Ukon erase his body in round two

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Sasuke both rounds.

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@khael said:

Sasuke both rounds.

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sasuke wins

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Sasuke definitely should win round 2 with three tomoe Sharingan.

Sakon said Sasuke will be on par with the rest of sound 4 once he achieves CS2, yet he got a power up in his fight against Naruto (3 tomoe sharingan).

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Sasuke obviously

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Round 1: Sasuke

Round 2: Sakon/Ukon. The Parasite Demon jutsu is haxosaurus rex and nigh-impossible to avoid... but it was utterly nerfed by plot and PIS 😫

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R1. Sasyke

R2. Salon/Ukon

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@asurakj said:

R1. Sasyke

R2. Salon/Ukon

R2. Blood lusted Sakon/Ukon go for the Parasite Demon and GG

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Sasuke wins round one but loses round two.

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