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random encounter

Kent farmhouse

in character

primal for queen of blades

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Kerrigan stomps with no effort. Faora would be fodder in StarCraft. Her blitzing speed is slower then all the blitzing units in SC like literally every Protoss, and even Hydralisks have used FTE blitzing speed which is faster then Faora. And all Ghosts have casual hypersonic reaction times, and Kerrigan as QoB has shown beyond that. Even while deinfested and only at Ghost levels, she engaged in a battle with a Hybrid that was FTE for those who watched, invluding Raynor, sho has shown he can watch laser speed movement, and react to it.

And she has no TK resistances, and her physical durability isn’t anywhere near close enough to resist being instantly crushed by Kerrigan’s TK. Kerrigan has lifted Thors in the air and instantly ripped them to shreds with TK in WoL before she ever received any amps in HotS. When she was deinfested and only had her ghost level powers, she ripped an Ultralisk to shreds with TK, and Ultralisks have survived point blank nuclear bombs dropped on them. Faora would be a pile of goo before she knew what was happening.

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@tparks: would faora be superior or inferior to marines?

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@supremeintelligence: Superior in travel speed by quite a bit, and probably in striking strength. But Marines would be more deadly, with better or at least comparable durability and better offensive output with Gauss Rifles. I would imagine a marine beating Faora 10/10 in one on one. Marines get beat by blitzes when they’re outnumbered like against speedlings, or when they face Protoss who can tank spikes with their energy shields to complete the blitz. Faora alone isn’t enough to be a good blitzer in SC.

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QoB goes home and commits seppuku because Faora is waaaay hotter. (Come on, honestly, how could you have not known QoB is out of Faora's league? Silly thread is silly.)

In other news, Faora would smash a Terran Marine. She would then pick up their siege tank and use it to smash ten other marines and then get bored and go home. Like... that is just dumb. 'Comparable durability', only if we ignore how a marine got knocked the hell out by another marine body checking them into a wall.

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@tparks: @tparks: @wut: thank you all for the education on QoB. i figured a kryptonian would be a fair challenge but it seems i need to aim higher for Kerri to struggle

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Kerrigan would win her tp and tk are far too great

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Faora will be tp raped to the death

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Kerrigan is a Cosmic Being. The entire DCEU gets snuffed out.

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Kerrigan, spite.