Saphira and Thorn vs ASoIAF Dragons

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Inheritance Cycle Saphira and Thorn run a gauntlet

- EoS Saphira and Thorn w/perfect team work

- Random encounters

- Win by death

- Fight in The Vale

Run 1: Full rest and healed between rounds

Run 2: No rest

1. Viserion (show feats)

2. Rhaegal (show feats)

3. Drogon (show feats)

4. Meraxes

5. Vhagar

6. Balerion

7. Drogon + Rhaegal

8. Meraxes + Vhagar

9. Drogon, Rhaegar and Viserion

10. Balerion, Vhagar and Meraxes

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I defenitely think they get to 6. They might stop there or at 8 or 10. I think they take Danys dragons at all times.

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What feats do these dragons have? Both Saphira and Thorn are much bigger than houses and have fire breath capable of melting stone.