Saitama vs Thor

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616 Thor

Both Bloodlusted

Morals off

Takes Place on Indestructible Planet

Win by any means

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Thor one shots

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Thor stomps.

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Don’t know, current Thor is pretty weak sauce.

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If this is normal Thor, as in no Odin Force, Necrosword, Odin Sword, etc....Saitama wins eaaaasily via pure physicals

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Saitama stomps

Boros, capable to destroy the earth said that their fight wasn't even a fight for Saitama, he is nothing to Saitama.

Saitama kills his Boros by deflecting a planet buster move, overpowered with a punch creating a shockwave that killed Boros. Indirect attack that killed The Dominator of the Universe

616 Thor's average speed is at Mach 32.7. Saitama is FTL. If Saitama gets bloodlusted and rampages with his serious punches, the earth gets destroyed in 1 second

Saitama's never got a serious fight since his balding, his power is still untested, unfathomable.

Even Thor has Odin Force and/or Odin Sword, he still get blitzed in an instant, turn into smoke by the countless serious punches. also the fighting place is gone.

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Saitama stomps.

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