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@bionar said:

@thetruthteller: Sure thats how a blood lusted saitama kills all the ninjas in naruto verse coz of sword and kunai level durability, all ninjas gets vaporized by the shockwaves from multiple serious series punches casually.

Glad that you agree.

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Cool, it is always nice to see other peope who involved with physics. do you mind, if ı ask whether you just take some class or you studied Physics department?

Its hardly an ad hominem. It just a observation of mine. It would be so, ıf use it as a part of argument but ı didn't so.

It depends on what you call illogical. There are two type of illogicalities in this kind of stuation. One is that against the Natural Laws of Real World, like Saitama being strong enough to jump back from Moon to Earth or existence of Ninjutsu...etc. Second form is an illogicalness of a series in its own Laws, like Saitama as a being far more faster than light but can not catch a housefly. If you mean this as a illogical then you are absolutely right. However, as ı said in my previous post such things happen in other Mangas/Animes too. Again as ı ask to you and you haven't answer yet, What is the logic behind the idea of an 3 years old infant(Himawari) being able to knock Naruto out with a single strike?

Ameterasu one of the strongest attack in Naruto but it is not an omnipotence attack. I mean let's talk about what would happen if Sasuke randomly use Ameterasu on a Mountain? Will it continue to burn down it? Then what? Will it continue to burn down Rocks and soil to center of Earth? Then what? Will it continue to burn down entire solar system? Then what? Galaxy? Universe? Dimension? Multiverse? So since such thing does not happening, we can conclude that there is limit how much and what Ameterasu can destroy. I am not a Naruto Universe master so my knowledge about is limited but from what ı can tell in general and Naruto Wiki, It's a fire/fire like attack that burn in similar heat as Sun for 7 Days. If we assume Saitama can tank his strongest punch it makes his defence somewhere between Low-Planet to High Planet level as ı explained in before Ameterasu has no means to destroy a planet. What would happen if Saitama struck by Ameterasu? Nothing will happen, it just Saitama will have a cool flaming effect for a while. Even if we assume that it can hurt him, he is capable enough to kill Sasuke before killed by Ameterasu and he will be fully healed between matches and all of that is can be happen if Sasuke can react and somehow hit him with Ameterasu which is not a great abillty in terms of speed.

As I said before ı am no expert on Naruto so what do you mean by Soul Removal? Human Path? If so it would not work agants Saitama for two reason. One is Saitama's will power is so high that people descripe him as mentally being like Rock. Even if it work againts him, still it is not an instantaneous long range attack. Saitama can just dodge it and they don't have any means to bind Saitama while they are using Human Path.

Saitama get hit by many things including street level thugs. As long as they don't annoy him he mostly tend to wait his opponents final/strongest form then take them out buy one punch with the only two exception ,which are Humans and Garou. He won't use lethal forces againts Humans and didn't attack Garou with a killing intention for various reasons. So Saitama might get hit by them if he allows to. However, as it states in the very first post they are bloodlusted so Saitama immediately attack them.

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Mega BUMP!

Likely stops at 4-5, definitely stops at juubidara. Gets stomped in the bonus round.

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Hes not beating kaguya who can just warp them both to acid dimension