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Saitama faces off against the Vampires from the short story The Hunter from The Collection of Short Stories by M.A.N.

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1. Mycarhion

  • Human weapons bounce off of his skin
  • Can't be scratched by anything less than diamond
  • Has TK-like force to rip humans apart
  • Moved 20 meters in a microsecond
  • Punched a human so hard his skeleton flew out of his body and disintegrated
  • Caught a bullet in his teeth

2. Shadow Master and Shapeshifter

  • Shadow Master controls shadows
  • Can hide in the shadows
  • Shadows attack faster than Shapeshifter's normal attacks
  • He can make a shadow colossus which is 50ft tall, 20ft wide with 25ft limbs and has building+ level strength
  • Shapeshifter can fly faster than bullets, can turn into diamond and can turn into multiple weaker things (1000s of Vampire wolves)
  • Shapeshifter can regen from just her head
  • Shapeshifter can move at massively hypersonic speeds
  • Shapeshifter can combine speed and strength to gain town-level crater making strength

3. Dark Lord

  • TP to control trillions of minds
  • Precog
  • Molecular level TK that's at least town level
  • Can slow down time
  • Can amp self with TK
  • At least as fast as Shapeshifter

4. Weather Lord

  • Multi-Mountain level winds
  • A multi-mountain weight castle he uses his winds to drop on people
  • Lightning that's faster and stronger than normal lightning
  • Lightning can make city-level craters
  • Country level AoE
  • Can freeze people with ice
  • City level durability
  • At least as fast as Dark Lord

5. Obsidian Emperor

  • Soul control of over 100,000,000 beings
  • All moves attack the soul
  • Moves can overpower City level strength
  • Giant soul attacking constructs (100mx50m)

6. Dracula's Wife

  • Uses magic
  • Can take souls with just a gesture
  • Magical lightning, faster and more powerful than normal lightning
  • Can animate/control surroundings/nature/create golems
  • Faster than her magical lightning

Bonus Round 1: (Weakened) Dracula

  • While weakened, can throw millions of hits per second
  • Can use invisible force to stop regeneration
  • Punches' shockwaves destroy countries (with a magical barrier up)
  • Close to, if not lightspeed

Bonus Round 2: The Hunter

  • Power of all of the above
  • Can use magic to weaken
  • Has gun where the bullets can kill anything and the wounds from the bullets don't heal. And spread. The bullets are unaffected by TK and time control and are unstoppable by any force
  • Gun also has AoE attacks
  • Gun absorbs the powers of who it kills into The Hunter

Round 1: Anime only OPM

Round 2: Manga OPM

Round 3: Full Web Comic OPM

If he needs help, he can get Genos and Speed of Sound Sonic to aid him.

How far does he get?

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If Saitama messing around, he would get his soul ripped but Saitama should able to blitz

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Stops at 6 or clears the standard

Stops at bonus R1

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For a moment there, I thought this was a Hunter X Hunter forum.

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I have no knowledge of the characters in question except for the feats listed in the OP. But based on what I see,

could stop at 4, 5, 6 - but could also clear if he decides to blitz.

Stops at bonus round 1, definitely stops at 2 though.