Sage Mode Naruto and Pain vs all might and all for one

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  • fully bloodlust and perfect teamwork for both sides.
  • Naruto's anime/manga feats for Sage mode Naruto and Pain with his six paths
  • MHA's manga/anime feats for AFO and all might.
  • random encounter
  • Win by OHKO,Incap and kill
  • Standard Gear/equipment/weapons


  • Begin visible
  • Begin 30 meters apart
  • The fight takes place here;
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Rasenshuriken and Shinra Tensei destroy them.

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AFO steals their quirks and proceeds to solo while laughing at AM.

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Either naruto or pain can solo

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@xernive: What quirks ???? Naruto and Pain don't have quirks.

OT: Naruto and Pain stomps .

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Naruto and pain both solo stomp

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Naruto team is too fast

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@shuragam: Was kidding. Everyone already knows this is one sided against MHA.

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