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#51 Posted by SmoothSanta (2551 posts) - - Show Bio

Boros was only a Dragon + level threat. All these guys together could kill him. Tatsumaki TPs him while Atomic Samurai takes his head. He's not blitzing anyone while Lightspeed Flash is there.

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#52 Edited by Mortein (6050 posts) - - Show Bio

Most of them would die from a flyby.

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#53 Edited by blackleg (611 posts) - - Show Bio

Boros kicks everyone to the moon in one shot

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#54 Posted by FoxSinofGreedBan (23 posts) - - Show Bio

@azrael1973:More like Saitama>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Post Retcon Boros>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Garou=Pre retcon Boros>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Golden Sperm>> Full Power Tatsumaki

But not counting blast they all get wiped since even flashy flash was shut down at top speed by causal saitama when boros actually suprised saiatama with his blitz's (since he had never met anyone that fast probably)

1- Blast-Featless

2-Tatsumaki- Gets hard blitz'd or her telekinesis dosent work at all since it didnt affect golden sperm or saitama loses to base boros

3-Bang-May have a chance of beating boro's brute force fighting style but has no chance against even base boro's speed, strength, energy or durability

4-Atomic Samurai- Blitz'd, probably cant even cut boros's armor much less his skin

5- Child Emperor-Rip

6- Metal Knight- Rip

7- King- Solo's with 1 punch (rip)

8- Zombieman - Cant be killed but cant do shit either so irrelevant

9- Drive knight- rip

10- Pig God- Rip, was defeated by gums

11- Super Alloy Dark Shine- May tank 1 hit but has no way of damaging boros

12- Watchdog man- rip

13- Flashy Flash-the fastest S-class but would still be blitzed

14- Genos- yikes

15- Metal Bat- Rip

16- Tank top master- rip

17- Puri Puri Prisoner- rip

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#55 Posted by LoveEveryone (1116 posts) - - Show Bio

Boros stomps. He's actually pretty fast and strong but got unlucky meeting Saitama.

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#56 Posted by TheWatcherKing (18577 posts) - - Show Bio

Boros stomps.

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#57 Posted by AlexTheBoss (18460 posts) - - Show Bio
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#58 Edited by Jirou (531 posts) - - Show Bio

Tatsumaki is enough.

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#59 Posted by TheWatcherKing (18577 posts) - - Show Bio

@jirou said:

Tatsumaki is enough.

How is Tatsumaki beating Boros?

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#60 Posted by TifaLockhart (21167 posts) - - Show Bio

Boros sends Earth to Hell.

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#61 Posted by SmoothSanta (2551 posts) - - Show Bio


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#62 Edited by Jirou (531 posts) - - Show Bio

@thewatcherking: Drops a meteor on him while the other S class hero's slowly die.

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#63 Posted by DoctorDaMn (986 posts) - - Show Bio

@jirou: What is that doing to boros who regenerated from multiple normal punches? Keep in mind saitama obliterated a metor with just one...

Tats gets treated like a night time street worker.

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#64 Posted by Jirou (531 posts) - - Show Bio

@doctordamn: You could blow up a car with a rpg or you could blow it up with a 2000 lb bomb. It's irrelevant how strong his punches are when he has regen at that level. Tats could just drop successive big things on him till he's worn down.

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#65 Edited by DoctorDaMn (986 posts) - - Show Bio

@jirou: Can't believe you are actually trying to debate this. I'm saying boros could survive the car blowing up in his face (metor) the rpg and the 2000 lb bomb... And even if he couldn't, he'd blitz the dog shit outta her.

He baby shakes...

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#66 Posted by TheWatcherKing (18577 posts) - - Show Bio

@jirou said:

@thewatcherking: Drops a meteor on him while the other S class hero's slowly die.

So taking normal punches from saitama isn't enough to say a meteor will do nothing to him? This isn't even taking into consideration that Tatsumaki is way slower than boros and would be blitzed.

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#67 Posted by Lan_Fan (15891 posts) - - Show Bio
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#68 Posted by Cosmic_Armor (115 posts) - - Show Bio

Boros 0.000000000000001% Godstomps OPM Veres Except Saitama and Awakened Garou

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#69 Posted by Toratorn (7520 posts) - - Show Bio

Mismatch in Boros' favour.

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#70 Edited by KillYourself42069 (1 posts) - - Show Bio

[CONTAINS SPOILERS] In my opinion, Boros wins 100%. The S class hero's lack any way of being able to permanently damage Boros. Tatsumaki at best could hold Boros still for a few seconds for the others to attack him but their attacks will either have no effect on him or he will just instantly regenerate any damage he takes from them. Once he's able to move again he'd be able to take out almost all of them with the exceptions of Darkshine, Flashy Flash, Tatsumaki and maybe Bang/Pig God. If we assume that Boros has similar fighting strength to Awakened Garou then Darkshine can probably tank 2 hits at best while Flashy Flash can probably evade a few attacks but would ultimately be overwhelmed. Tatsumaki may also be able to shield herself for a while but will also end up being overpowered. Basically none of them have enough strength to properly damage Boros as even if they are able to he can just heal back from it.

The real question would be if Boros would need to go into his Meteoric Burst form in order to deal with Flashy Flash's speed/Darkshines durability and Tatsumaki's psychic powers. It's likely that his normal form may not be fast or powerful enough to deal with them as One stated that a battle between Awakened Garou and Boros would be evenly matched, so presuming they are both fighting at full power then Boros would be using his Meteoric Burst form. And since Flashy Flash was able to dodge an attack by Awakened Garou as well as Darkshine taking 2/3 hits from him, then it would be safe to assume it would likely be a similar story with Boros. However at best they would only be able to stall for time, but in the end will have no chance of dealing with Boros in Meteoric Burst form, not to mention if he were to use his Collapsing Star Roaring Cannon. That being said if any of the S class were to somehow survive that attack then Boros would likely become significantly weaker as he would have little to no energy left to regenerate his body making him weak enough for them to kill him. That is only if they were able to survive the attack though which is basically impossible imo. What I'm curious of though is Pig God's special attack, since if the attack were to be some kind of immense explosion/powerful blast then he may have a possibility of COMPLETELY obliterating Boros, which may or may not be enough to kill him. (Probably would since it wouldn't make sense if he were to regenerate back from absolutely nothing).

Also forgot to mention that while Zombieman could survive against Boros normal attacks, he would be completely destroyed by one of Boros blasts as it's stated on the Boros wiki that the blasts are "so powerful that the weak will find even their bones vaporized instantly." and from what I know Zombieman is mostly normal in every factor besides him having really powerful regeneration. That regeneration however wouldn't be enough to save him from having everything but his bones being vaporized (assuming his bones even remain afterwards) since it is also stated on Zombieman's wiki page that he will die if he's reduced to mincemeat. (Being vaporized to the point of only your bones being left seems worse than being reduced to mincemeat to me).

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#71 Posted by HitTheAssasin (8455 posts) - - Show Bio

Boros stomps.

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#72 Edited by ComicGirl21 (1202 posts) - - Show Bio

if you include Blast who's dc scales to Elder Centipede's durability then they might win this 6-7/10. Tatsumaki's forcefields and tk combined with Flashy Flash's speed, Superalloy Darkshines durability and Blasts dc will be a leathal combo for Boros.

Tatsumaki can stop him from launching any energy attacks with forcefields. Anything he tries to launch will blow up in his face.

Flashy Flash will keep distracting him with his superior speed, making it impossible for Boros to blitz other by himself.

Darkshine will tank his physical attacks if he ever manages to make one.

Blasts is gonna pummel him until his energy is depleted and he can no longer recover.

All other heroes are distractions to make the strategy work better.

Without Blast, Boros will take the majority, like 8, maybe even 9/10. There's no other hero who can deal damage comparable to Saitama's and that's the only thing that can take this guy down effectively.

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#73 Posted by cromulor (2459 posts) - - Show Bio

Boros takes this but I absolutely see him going to Meteoric Burst. People are talking too much about Non-Meteoric Burst Boros’s speed, it’s actually not that quantifiable at all. He surprised Saitama with speed like twice (though you could argue Saitama was distracted one of those times) and lost a limb from trying to block a normal punch. More than a handful of the S Class die fighting any form of Boros in general, but I don’t see Tatsumaki, Bang, Superalloy Darkshine, or Flashy Flash going down to anything below Meteoric Burst Boros. I’m on the fence about Atomic Samurai, but he and Flashy Flash are both sword users and other than his regeneration Boros has nothing in the way of indicating piercing resistance. Only problem is Atomic Samurai is glass cannon.

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#74 Posted by B3rnkastel (217 posts) - - Show Bio

Boros being in Meteoric Burst and comepletely serious makes this nearly a stomp. Tatsumaki has the best chance of doing anything,but she get's a hole punched through her torso before she can actually do anything meaningful. The S-class are strong,but they might as well be fodder to Boros.

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#75 Posted by KEPLER (53 posts) - - Show Bio

Boros 0.000000000000001% Godstomps OPM Veres Except Saitama and Awakened Garou

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#76 Posted by Inside (904 posts) - - Show Bio

@aimless: Lightspeed Flash is definitely not faster then Boros, lol.

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#77 Posted by DevoidRuby (406 posts) - - Show Bio

Boros handily stomps.

Outside of Garou, Orochi and Saitama there is nobody on his level in OPM.

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#78 Posted by iUseMyCajonas (4271 posts) - - Show Bio

Boros stomps.

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#79 Posted by ONE_GOD (250 posts) - - Show Bio

@smoothsanta: LMFAO Boros is God level you rly think S-Class Hero have shit agin Planet Level and MB Boros far far farrrrrrr faster than FF

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#80 Posted by ONE_GOD (250 posts) - - Show Bio

Boros still solo OPM

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#81 Posted by geeman2 (2006 posts) - - Show Bio

Meteroic Burst would accidentally kill 80% of S class by simply flying by. He then slaughters the rest.

Tats got slaughter d by Golden Sperm, she is doing nothing to Boros.

Mismatch in Boros favour and should be locked

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#82 Posted by SkySanji (5202 posts) - - Show Bio

@geeman2 said:

Meteroic Burst would accidentally kill 80% of S class by simply flying by. He then slaughters the rest.

Tats got slaughter d by Golden Sperm, she is doing nothing to Boros.

Mismatch in Boros favour and should be locked

Funny but so true

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#83 Posted by awshucks (507 posts) - - Show Bio

Boros stomps and that includes Tornado.

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#84 Posted by Thoromdil (1879 posts) - - Show Bio

Heroes. According to One, Tatsumaki would beat Golden sprem, a monster who gave a good fight to Monster Garou, Boro's Equal.

In other words Tatsumaki > GS

And Boros = Garou > GS

This tells us clearly that Tatsumaki is in the same power tier as Boros. She probably cant beat him alone, but with ALL S CLASS supporting her? I mean there are some very heavy hitters out there who would not get one shot and would be a challenge for Boros for sure:

- Abandonment Bang (One shot two executives)

- Superalloy Darkshine (Easily beat Carnage Kabuto and tanked punches from Monster Garou)

- Flashy Flash (Was probably most impressive against Monster Garou of all heroes)

- Amai Mask (Is considered Tatsumakis equal by Blizzard. Picks a fight with Monster Garou and heals punches from him in moments)

- Metal Knight (Can send a million S class tier robots up Boros's ass if he really wants to.)

So Tatsumaki has some solid backup among the fodders here.

I say S class win.

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#85 Posted by cooljammy18 (2350 posts) - - Show Bio

Boros stomps hard.

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#86 Posted by geeman2 (2006 posts) - - Show Bio

@thoromdil: When did Golden Sperm give Garou a good fight? He blitzed and oneshotted him.

Boros melts everyone here, none of them can hurt him, none of them can bypass his regen, none of them can keep up with him or even perceive him outside of Flash and none of them have the durability to tank more than a couple of attacks.

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#88 Posted by Supermanthor (21275 posts) - - Show Bio


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#89 Posted by Snoppy_MoMo (779 posts) - - Show Bio

k remember when tatsumaki fought golden sperm she was weakned when psykos sneaked up on her so remember that she wouldnt have done so bad against golden sperm if she didnt get wasted earlier also its already been stated boros was the strongest villian in the opm series yes even stronger than awakened garou and king orochi so yeh s class cant really do anything unless blast is as powerful as they say he is

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#90 Posted by DrPepperMan (6288 posts) - - Show Bio

Boros makes an Another One Bites the Dust) parody.

"Another one hits the moon. Another one hits the moon. And another one gone, another one gone, another one hits the moon. Hey, I'm gonna get you too. Another one hits the moon!"

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#91 Posted by TheCheapParakeet (40 posts) - - Show Bio

Anyone who says tatsumaki is enough is fucking stupid even if she did spam meteors he would be able to dodge them with his speed and then punch her head off. If blast is here well I mean lets just say he is comparable to elder centipede, I still don't think it's enough boros would just blitz him with like 5 hits and he is out. Nothing any of the other heros can do. In the scenario he gets into trouble he blows up the fucking planet like he did tried to do when saitama was about to beat him.

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#92 Posted by Matthew660 (1685 posts) - - Show Bio

Boros blitzes them to the moon lol.

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#93 Posted by Madscientist224 (1460 posts) - - Show Bio

Then and now boros dies

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#94 Edited by AbstractRaze (2810 posts) - - Show Bio

Blast is the only one who could mark a real difference, a Hero class S, rank 1.

@jirou said:

Tatsumaki is enough.

Only because it was stated by One, that a full-powered Tatsumaki could possibly defeat Golden Sperm, a Dragon+ level foe, doesn't mean that she could defeat Boros, because Boros is between Dragon and God level, Boros is in another league.

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Boros still hardstomps, id like anyone who thinks S class can win to make a convincing argument.

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#96 Posted by YOA_501 (685 posts) - - Show Bio

Boros 10/10 they can’t pass his regen

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#97 Edited by AshKetchum93 (241 posts) - - Show Bio

Tatsumaki while INCREDIBLY weakened could barely do sh*t to Golden Sperm.

ONE said that at full strength, Tatsumaki would beat GS. So a full strength Tatsumaki is crazy more powerful than her weakened form.

WEAKENED Tatsumaki was able to stop Awakened Garou in his tracks. Didn't do much but showed, unlike most other S-class heroes, that she was able to affect him. And we've established that weakened Tats is a fraction of her true power

So, by pure scaling, a full strength Tatsumaki should logically be able to give Awakened Garou at least a solid fight

ONE said Awakened Garou would be an interesting fight for Boros and implied they are at least on comparable levels (not that AG would win but the point is, they're on the same tier)

Sooooo by pure scaling, full strength Tats should be able to give Boros somewhat of a fight. She'd lose for sure but the point is, at full strength, it seems like, while she's certainly not on their tier, she's also not TOO far below them.

Give them Tats AND all those other heroes and I think we've got a solid fight. I still say Boros wins 8.5/10, but I doubt it's the murderstomp these comments are implying. Just my thoughts

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#98 Posted by deactivated-5ccb7595e1a50 (139 posts) - - Show Bio

s-class heroes 6/10

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#99 Posted by Morpheus_ (34631 posts) - - Show Bio

Not really seeing what they're supposed to do to him.

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#100 Posted by FullMetalEmprah (4735 posts) - - Show Bio

Boros godstomps, he could legitimately one shot them all if he wanted to for the most part.