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Ruby on red, Hit-Girl on blue. May use any space between the two markers from the building to the rock wall.


Rules for all rounds:

No adrenaline for Mindy.

Win by Death.

In character with standard morals.

Random encounter, no knowledge.

Round 1: Ruby gets her chakram, but can only use for melee. Hit-Girl gets her double bladed weapon.

Round 2: Standard equipment, any use for weapons.

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Round one : Ruby wins her showing against Quake is far better that any of hit girls Feats

Round Two : this is more of a good fight but still ruby her speed is to good

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Unarmed, Ruby would win in a fight for attrition. The op...with weapons...Mindy wins with standard, and probably edges with her staff vs chakram, although, that may be 50/50.

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Cool fight.

I'd side with Ruby unarmed but Mindy ftw with gear.

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Who's Ruby?

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@shadowpro said:

Who's Ruby?

All links contain spoilers ranging from minor to major for season five of Marvel's Agents of Shield, click at your own discretion.

Bio: http://marvelcinematicuniverse.wikia.com/wiki/Ruby_Hale Obviously contains a lot about the character, thus containing lots of big spoilers.


1: https://youtu.be/MfccW6GNppk?t=121

2: https://youtu.be/8e-5nhtbzOA?t=81

Reaction feat: Major spoiler, you've been warned. https://youtu.be/DGx8MiJoepg?t=179

May have forgotten some things, but these are the major ones I could remember.

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