Ronan (MCU) vs Vision (MCU)

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Wielders of the Power Gem and the Mind Gem, respectively. Fight takes place on an indestructible planet. Fight to the K.O. or death. Who wins?

Bonus Round: Silver Surfer (Fox), wielder of the Power Cosmic, is thrown into the mix.

Ronan vs Vision

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Bonus Round: Norrin Radd

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if ronan can successfully replicate what the celestial did, he stomps hard

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@spider-manwins: The planet is indestructible, so no sucking the life out of it.

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Personal Opinion: I don't think Vision can actually phase through something as powerful as another Infinity Stone. I see Ronan hitting a home run with that bat. As for the bonus round, if Silver Surfer has to use all his energy and get K.O.'d to defeat Galactus, who has feats similar to the Power Gem/Ronan, I don't think he'll be topping him. However, I do think the Surfer can take out Vision with the Power Cosmic. The Mind Gem won't do much to Surfer.

So in essence:

1. Ronan

2. Norrin

3. Vision

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Ronan should take it. I think visions gem was only states to be able to level a city. Ronan can level a planet

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Ronan probably one-shots everyone here with the Power Gem.

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Depends on if Vision can Plot Dance.

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@impervious: I saw that, but your version doesn't have an indestructible planet. It would be too easy for Ronan to just planet bust to win. Plus, I wanted Surfer thrown in there too, since he could be coming back to the big screen soon.

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Ronan stomps, because he has planet buster level power. Silver Surfer wins in the bonus round.

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Ronan if he's smart enough ,seriously he acted like a stupid douche in the movies.

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Ronan one shot by accident