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Next in line for my battles, Karla Sofen AKA Moonstone(AND AS MOONSTONE, not Dark Ms. Marvel or Meteroite or any of her alternative incarnations)takes on Anna Marie AKA Rogue. This is Rogue as her Ms. Marvel powered self of the 90's and early 2000's who she's battling, by the way, so the odds are kept nice and even. Fight takes place in the air above Honolulu, Hawaii. Morals apply and no prep for either one, and no supervillains or X-Men to help either. It's total one-on-one. Who's gonna win and stay in the sky? She who is a Hulk villain or she who is an X-Woman?

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spite. Rouge stomps.

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She who is an X-Woman.

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@AgeofHurricane said:

She who is an X-Woman.
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I'm going to bump this lol I don't understand why most people say Rogue would win while Karla can go intangible

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They already fought and Moonstone beat her