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Standard equipment for Robin, Fisk is bloodlusted because Robin embarassed him in front of Vanessa. Who wins? Fisk has his bulletproof Tuxedo and cane. Fight in a dark alley.

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Robin due to gear.

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Fisk could pull it off tbh but I’d be inclined Robin.

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Robin gear is too much for fisk. H2h would be an interesting fight

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I'm thinking Robin wins due to his gear.

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Robin stomps with no effort.

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Robin could throw a Robin-batarang into Fisk's neck.

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The Robins in Titans win no doubt. They're no joke.

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Robin Low Difficulty. Once he had. His Gear he was beating up 2 of the Nuclear Family members at once. Each one has Physicals on Fisks level and better pain tolerance. They were also better at fighting.