Renji and Madara vs Zoro and Blackbeard.

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Post Royal Guard Training Renji.

Prime Alive Madara. No Perfect Susanoo. No Kurama.


Current Zoro.

Pre-Timeskip Blackbeard.


Random encounter. In character. Who wins and why?

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renji solos

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Renji carries and solos.

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Either one on Team 1 solostomps

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If Madara has his rinnegan he and Renji should win. Blackbeard is powerful, but he is kind of an idiot and he should be a glass canon as well considering his power comes pretty much solely from his devil fruits. Zoro has powerful strikes, but he has no way to get around Madara’s versatility.

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Team 1 takes it.

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Eos renji moops zoro.

Black beard nulls PS and wastelands madara. But renji saves the day

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Renji solos. Madara solostomp.

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rimuru solos