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Red Hood and Robin:

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When two of Batman's proteges take on the Hand's greatest assassin, who will win?

Composite pre/post Flashpoint feats for Damian and Jason

Fight takes place in the streets of Gotham. Starting distance is 20 feet

Victory by ko or death

Round 1:

Melee weapons only

Damian has a katana. Jason has his sword and crowbar. Elektra has her sai

Round 2:

Full gear allowed

Who wins?

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Elektra wins round one and the duo wins round two handily

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Damian is a non-factor. Elektra spanks him quickly and then defeats Jason with some difficulty. This goes for both rounds.

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Elektra wins round 1 in a good fight but the team stomps in round 2.

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Damian turns on Jason and he stomps both 1-on-2.

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Damian summons the Idioticforce Tom King bullshit and one shots Elektra while making a tacky and out dated “you got killed by Bullseye” reference.