Red Daughter (CW) vs Thor (MCU)

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Idk we could debate more. I just made this list of feats to show u Kara is not inconsistent but it is hard to notice. Ok unlikely she could damage him with hv ( Unless we take black star alloy and Reign stalemating feat as ultra consistent [not exaggerated] ) but hv would definitely send him back flying to distract him easily. We can consistently power scale Kara to Superman who tanked full Book of Destiny blast straight into rib's cage ( sth equal to IG full blast ) so i doubt SB would do a shit to her ( at least small scratches or bruises )

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@davidharewood14: I actually agree with most of your list, she's a beast but I'm not sold on her just getting scratches from a weapon made to face the greatest threats..I'll even say unarmed I'd give it to her

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They sleep together and have a baby so powerful it rivals the likes of super boy prime and comics Odin

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